“In this great nation of ours, no one should be above the law and certainly my friends, no one should be below it. Whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated, private citizen or business or government, from whatever walk of life, race, religion, party or persuasion—everyone in America deserves justice.”

Shea Nickell

Chief Judge Pro Tem
Kentucky Court of Appeals
Shea Nickell

Elect our Appellate
to the Kentucky Supreme Court

Protecting Your Values, While Faithfully Serving the Law
and Maintaining Integrity on Our Appellate Courts.

Will you stand with us?

Unmatched Legal Experience

For the past thirteen years, Judge Shea Nickell has faithfully represented the twenty-four counties of the First District as a Judge on the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

Prior to that time, Judge Nickell worked twenty-two years as a trial attorney, public advocate, prosecutor, and college instructor, gaining broad civil, criminal, and administrative law experience while developing strong business, insurance defense, and plaintiff advocacy skills. In 1995, the Kentucky Bar Association recognized his extensive legal abilities by honoring him as the Outstanding Kentucky Young Attorney.

Unmatched Appellate Court Experience

In his thirteen years as your appellate judge on the Kentucky Court of Appeals, Judge Nickell has served as presiding or associate judge in producing over 2,800 opinions concerning wide-ranging legal issues. Of the over 965 opinions he has authored, only 21 (representing only 2%) have been overturned in whole or in part. In addition, he has served as chair of the Court’s Personnel Committee and its representative on the Judicial Compensation Commission. In recognition of his abilities, service and leadership, his fellow judges elected him as Chief Judge Pro Tempore.

A Natural Progression

In explaining why he is seeking election to the Kentucky Supreme Court, Judge Nickell reasoned:

“Having developed significant judicial knowledge and skills while serving on Kentucky’s second highest court, putting my experience to work on the Kentucky Supreme Court is a natural progression of my legal career and judicial journey.”

Judge Nickell’s judicial journey began when he chose to pursue a career in the legal profession. As he describes his decision:

“I recall, as a young person, holding up both lawyers and ministers as role models, and I was torn as to which career to pursue. Ultimately, I came to the realization that one could have a ministry within the law – a ministry of serving God while serving His people, which is the Greatest Commandment.”

Through his volunteer work and servant leadership in his church, the Lions Clubs International, and other civic organizations, Judge Nickell continues to make serving others his primary goal.

Rising to Serve

Rising to serve on the Kentucky Supreme Court is the culminating step of a professional journey begun long ago. You know Judge Nickell, you know his record, and you trust him. Judge Nickell has proven himself to be your friendly but firm and always fair neighborhood Appellate Judge—and one known to occasionally belt out a song or two. In his words:

“I’d like to take the judicial skills you’ve allowed me to develop as a Judge on Kentucky’s second highest court to serve on its highest. I’ve dedicated my entire life to the law. I hope I have lived up to your trust. I pray I have made you proud. And, I ask for your vote.”

Join the Journey

Judge Nickell’s legal and judicial journey to serve and protect all Kentuckians now leads to the Kentucky Supreme Court. He needs your help to get there. Please join with him on this journey by casting your vote for Judge Nickell as your next Justice on the Kentucky Supreme Court on November 5th.

“At this stage of my life, at this point in my professional career, rising to serve as a Justice on the Kentucky Supreme Court is obviously the ultimate destination—the culmination of lifetime of preparation. It is not a mere stepping-stone or after-thought leading to other political ambitions.”
– Judge Shea Nickell

Shea and Carolyn

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your vote.